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Innovative Christmas Decor

(Add such pieces in the corners of the house)

Christmas Decorations History

Most of the Christmas home decors we see in the Christmas store have evolved from many different cultures.
The evolution of Christmas as we know it today is no doubt better than the old holidays.
We see visions of Christmas Decors on trees, snow covered hills, carolers singing, ringing bells and Lighted Outdoor Christmas Decors, lighting up the night. In the winter when most native plants lose their leaves, flowers and fruits, the evergreens, holly, ivy and mistletoe are winter wonders to admire for Holiday Decors. It is no wonder that these winter delights were used as Christmas Decors to brighten up the cold dark days of winter.

( Stars hanged on the curtains will definely give a christmas feel)

Impact of Christmas décor

Put up some Christmas cheer

Decorating the house for Christmas is a significant and most interesting aspect of Christmas celebrations. The impact of well decorated Christmas home is quite amazing. When you enter a home that has been decorated for Christmas in a tasteful way, you feel happy and good about the world. A house optimized for Christmas also reflects the warmth of the people living inside. Besides, Christmas is the time when people get to spend quality time with their friends and family members.For such an emotionally charged occasion, a home decorated in a Christmas spirit is an ideal setting.While Christmas decor can lightt up the eve.

While everyone realizes the importance of decorating the house for Christmas, for most it is quite a challenging task as there are so many things to be done in a short span of time. Well, most difficult tasks can be managed with little planning and starting in time. The activity can also be made enjoyable by involving all family members. Their participation will help you get more ideas to make christmas decor more innovative

Here we have some interesting ideas that will help you decorate your home for Christmas. Decor of Christmas Tree and Christmas table have been covered in in separate articles.

(Snowmans add to Christmas celebrations)

Ideas for Christmas décor

Don’t forget to add Santa, Christmas tree Reindeer, stars , angels , wreath,candy canes ,snowman and bells in the christmas décor as each one of them has a special significance. Be sure that you have enough light when planning a Christmas party outdoors and it will be advisable to keep near to a shelter in case the winds turn too chilly or snow starts falling.

Check whether your lights and music systems are well protected from the changes in weather and ensure safety of your things and guests too .

  • Keep a check on the noise level so your neighbors can also enjoy their quiet Christmas family gathering.

  • Cut fabric with Christmas prints and make bows out of them and pin them on to your curtain. If you have a Christmas collection, like a collection of santas or Christmas stockings, or Christmas candles etc. display them on the mantel.

  • Take a white table cloth and use red, green and gold fabric paints to trace out Christmas patterns like stars, bells, stocking, trees etc.

  • Hang Christmas decoration on indoor plants.

  • Take a tall drinking glass, tie a red ribbon around it and fill it with candy canes and display it on a small side table in the living room.

  • Place red and white flowers in vases around the house. Take a large glass bowl and fill it with water and float red and white flowers in them. This will add to Christmas decor.

  • Create a charming display of teddy bears dressed for the season. Gather together three or more teddy bears and arrange them on a table or on the floor in a corner. Dress the bears with scarves and mittens.

  • Revisit your childhood. Cut snowflakes from white paper and hang them in all of your windows
    Pile a collection of Christmas books on a side table.

  • Purchase an inexpensive mail box. Spray paint it red or green. Use craft paints to add simple Christmas shapes , or attach store-bought ornaments with a hot glue gun
  • Sew scraps of Christmas print fabric into a patchwork tablecloth. Simply cut your fabric into square pieces and stitch together. Hem the entire cloth. Sew ribbon the edges, if you like. Make smaller cloths to cover end tables, night tables, TV trays, shelving, etc.

  • String popcorn, cranberries, cereal, beads, etc. and hang the garlands everywhere

  • Replace your fish tank background mural with a piece of Christmas wrapping paper or a collage made out of pictures cut from Christmas cards. Remove your favorite pictures from their frames. Wrap the frames with Christmas wrap and replace the pictures

  • Pull out your old toy trains. Run the track around the perimeter of the Christmas tree.

  • Create personalized gingerbread men as place cards for your dining table

  • Put a Christmas screen saver on your computer

  • Make simple Christmas puppets. Cut Santas, angels, snowmen, etc. from old Christmas cards. . Attach one cut-out to each stick using tape. The kids can play with these or, you can display them in a vase or a bowl


Christmas Fireplace Decor

( Fireplace decorated by lights)

Christmas decor adds new dimensions .When Christmas comes, it brings along love, fun and merriment. We start decorating our houses, buying gifts and selecting the perfect Christmas tree. However, most of us tend to ignore the fireplace situated in the corner of the room. Since Christmas comes during harsh winters, the fireplace is really helpful in actually spreading the warmth of this holiday in your home. Christmas fireplace decor is a part of Christmas celebrations and must be given due attention. Given below are a few ideas and tips for decorating the fireplace for Christmas.

•The traditional way of decorating fireplace for Christmas is by hanging stockings from the mantle of the fireplace.

•You can also use soft toys, like teddy bears, as Christmas fireplace decor.

( Stockings adding life to Fireplace on Christmas)

Flower arrangements look great on the mantle of a fireplace. Make sure that the vase is as beautiful as the flowers.

Bottlebrush trees are very often used as ornamentation for the fireplace mantle.

•You can always decorate the fireplace with the help of lights. Just be careful to keep the wires and bulbs at a considerable distance from the fire.

Hang balls of different, but contrasting colors, along with the stockings, from the mantle. Go in for metallic shades that add glitz to your décor.

•Decor the wall behind the fireplace with stars of different colors and sizes.

(Make your own fireplace)

If you are tempted by these fireplace decors but you don't have one than make it . Just like the one above.

Christmas Door Decor

One of the most fun filled activities related to Christmas comprises of decorating your house, inside out. However, people usually tend to concentrate only on the inner parts of the house and ignore the exteriors completely. Decorating the house from outside is as important as decorating it from the inside. When a person comes to your house, the first thing he comes across is your front door. So, this Christmas, make sure that you indulge in some exclusive Christmas décor for the door. Given below are a number of ideas and tips for decorating the Christmas door.

•Take a piece of cardboard or plywood and cut it out in the shape of a Christmas stocking. Now, paint this stocking with the help of color paints and then hang it on the front door.

•You can also draw a snowman or Santa Claus on the cardboard or plywood and cut it out. Now, decorate it nicely and hang it as a
Christmas door decor.

•If you are good at drawing, take a chart paper and draw a Christmas scene, complete with Santa Claus, reindeers, elves and snow. Color it and paste it on the door.

•If you want, you can also place artificial Christmas trees on either side of the door as a decor.

•Decorate the path leading up to the front door with lights as a gesture of welcoming your guests into the house.

• Hang ornaments like stars, crystal balls, etc, on your front door.

•Replace your doorbells with bells

•Last but not the least door hangers will add to your christmas decor.


(Perfect Christmas table)

Christmas Table

A well decorated Christmas table sets the right mood for the Christmas celebrations. So whether you are dining with family or friends pay full attention to this aspect of Christmas decor. Given here are some interesting ideas and guidelines on how to go about decorating your Christmas table. It is hoped that these tips on decorating Christmas table will inspire and encourage you to decorate your most special Christmas table ever!

Pay Attention to the Room

Even before you start planning to decorate the Christmas table, find out ways of decorating your room.

If you want to create more drama in your setting you can think of a color or any other theme for your setting and move further with the idea. You may add a new painting to the room which gives the feel of the festival.
A nice idea would be to decorate the room with bright and vibrant flowers. This will make the room appear fresh, lively and more inviting.

You may place side tables with festive decorations. Consider decorating chairs as well. For instance you may use ribbons, net bows around the chair.

(Table laying for this christmas)

Use an Impressive Tablecloth

Get the basics right by using an impressive tablecloth teamed interestingly with table runner, place mats and napkins. You may use tablecloth with holiday theme but try using prints sparingly to avoid giving your table a busy look and to keep attention focused on your centerpiece. A touching idea would be make your own tablecloth, napkins, place mats and table runner. These can be easily made and help to add a personal feel to any holiday table.

(Some attractive table centre piece for Christmas decor)

Table Centre Pieces

Special attention should be given to decor of Table Centre Piece as this will work as a focal point of your table and will draw attention of your visitors. Some popular and artistic ideas for table centre decorations include Christmas wreath, candlesticks, poinsettia, or Holly. While using these objects use your imagination. Don't hesitate to take ideas from your family members. You will be surprised to find that working together with dear ones can be so much creatively productive and enjoyable.

To help you further here are some special Table Centre Piece ideas:

  • Keep your centerpiece small if your table space is limited. Remember that you will have to leave room for serving platters, dishes and condiments.

  • Place a large, decorative bowl in the center of your table and fill it with gilded fruits and pinecones. A good ideas would be to arrange pine garland around the base of the bowl.

  • You can make a feature of your table center by raising it up on a nice glass cake stand.

  • Flowers also look very beautiful as a centerpiece, but it is advisable to use them at a low level arrangement to allows guest to talk to each other.

  • One can also use an arrangement of candles, flowers and pine garland to create a dramatic table centerpiece. For instance, set bright red or green taper or pillar candles in brass or wooden candle holders and arrange fresh or artificial pine garland, pine cones and cranberries around the base.

  • A trendy idea would be to fill shot glasses with beads, white tulips, star of Bethlehem or other delicate flowers. Add water and place in the middle of the table.
    Display one beautiful Christmas figurine on your holiday table. This could be the focus of your Christmas table.

    (These cute pieces can also add to your table decor)


An attractive tableware can add charm to your Christmas Table. Display the best of your china or special dishes that show holiday motifs. A good idea would be to coordinate the color of your tablecloth, centerpiece and crockery. Also make sure that the crockery is sparkling clean and unscratched.

( Specially decorated table)

Table Setting

Last but the most relevant aspect of table decoration is table setting. Set your crockery in the right way and select the right napkins and napkin rings. A nice idea would be to use napkin rings that reflect the spirit of Christmas festival. You may also create your own napkin ring by hand painting the desired motifs on plain wooden napkin rings. Explore the neighborhood crafts store for more ideas


Hope these ideas decor your house this Christmas.

Christmas lights ideas

(Lets lights, light up your Christmas)

Use a combination of candles and lights for Christmas decor.Lighting has almost taken over Christmas candles as they burn for longer periods of time and are comparably safer for decoration purposes. Especially Christmas trees have turned more charming, sparkling and magical with light strands illuminating them. With time, the art of installing Christmas lights has evolved to the level where it has become an art in itself. Lets see how to choose the color or combination of color of lights, check for the load of electricity that you can safely use, the different patterns in which to arrange the strings of light and how to install Christmas lights.

(These types of Innovative lights will definetly add to your Christmas decor)

Here are the tips to use:

  • The most common color combinations appropriate for the Christmas season include red, green and copper lights that denote festivity; blue and green lights for more subdued arrangements; novelty combinations such as blue and red lights; and mauve, blue and copper lights.
  • While you can use a combo of as many as five colors for coniferous trees, use not more than three colors for deciduous trees.
  • Any color of light used with white does not show itself well, so if are planning to use white lights, stick to the monochromatic scheme.
  • Use low watt bulbs for strings and indoor light decoration but you will need high watt bulbs for outdoor decorations and lights that will be viewed from a distance.
  • Dip the socket end of the light bulb in petroleum jelly before fitting it into the socket string. This will prevent corrosion in the socket and will make it easier to pull out the bulb from it later.
  • Tape all connections well with electrical tape to avoid short-circuits.
  • Lights installed on the trees to keep up with its growth look quite graceful.
    Do not try to climb the branches of the tree you want to decorate. Use stepladder instead.
  • Work on the tree from top to bottom and from inside to outside for ease of work and safety purposes.

The best advice when it comes to Christmas decorating is "plan ahead". Decide whether you plan to use Christmas decors both indoors and outdoors, how many you'll need and where you'll place them. Decide whether each room will have a unique decor theme or if one theme will carry from room to room. As you can see there is a lot to consider when it comes to Christmas decorating. While some people love the spontaneous approach, others hate it. If you're one of the latter, make a detailed plan. This is especially true if you have a sophisticated theme in mind for your Christmas decors. Everyone has driven past lawns with the most beautifully laid out decor. Do you think they just threw those decor up? Probably not. They were probably working from a rough floor plan.

(Lights add new dimensions to outdoor christmas decor)

You Can’t Go Wrong

If, however, you're a spontaneous decorator, simply go where your imagination takes you. Does the stairway need some garland? Sure, why not! How about a mantle full of nutcracker dolls? Maybe some Christmas candles on that table would look great. When it comes to Christmas decorations, there is no right or wrong way to approach it. Christmas is a rich holiday full of many diverse traditions. Express it in the way that is uniquely you; use any or as many Christmas decor as you want

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Hope these Christmas lights light up your Christmas and your life.